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Spa Doctor, A Provo Pool Company: Yes, You can have the Pool of Your Dreams

A pool in the backyard is one of the ultimate luxuries most homeowners dream of. Picture a pool custom-designed just for you and your family, right in your own backyard. You can have an endless amount of fun without having to worry about money! A professional Provo pool company, Spa Doctor, can construct a pool that is as flexible as your imagination and lifestyle, and which fits in your budget. A backyard pool can make your home stand apart from surrounding homes and increase the resale value of your property too.

There are quite a few benefits of having a backyard pool. The best part is that you can swim in it whenever you want. You can use your pool to swim laps, throw a party or just relax after a hard day’s work. A Provo pool company can build you a new backyard pool in no time. The installation is expertly performed. The cost depends on the type and size of pool you want.

Get the Pool You Want with the Best Provo Pool Company: Spa Doctor

A good Provo pool company will construct a pool based on things such as placement, size, shape and the accessories you need in the pool. When building an in-ground pool it should be located on a sunny and slightly elevated area to naturally warm the pool prevent run-off from contaminating the water. No matter the type of pool you install, it should be away from wires, sewers lines and septic tanks.
The professionals of a Provo pool company will take care of all small details like installing a set of pool steps or ladder and providing non-skid hand rails.

Decide on the purpose of your pool before determining its shape and size. If your family wants to play pool games, you may want to opt for the traditional oval or rectangle shape. If you want a kiddie area in the pool where your kids can play when you swim laps, you may want to consider an L shaped pool. You may also choose a kidney shaped pool or a free form pool. A knowledgeable Provo pool company, Spa Doctor, can build any pool you want. The only limiting factor is the space you have.

Provo pool company will also help you choose the right kind of pool lining. We'll let you know if a fiberglass pool or concrete pool is right for you or not.

Talk to your local Provo pool company about the pool cover as well. It is important to have pool covers if you have children or pets in your home. Nylon and vinyl are used in the making of pool covers and they can be operated manually or automatically. It helps avoid accidents and prevents debris from blocking the filter and contaminating the water. Your pool’s efficiency can be improved by a solar cover, which heats the water and stops evaporation.

Spa Doctor, A Provo Pool Company, Provides Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Pool building involves more than digging a big hole and filling it up with water. There are quite a few things that go into keeping your pool clean and appealing, like design, construction and maintenance. Your pool can look brand new and well-maintained for years if you perform regular cleaning and service. As with everything, your pool needs ongoing care.

A knowledgeable Provo pool company, Spa Doctor, suggests the right ratio of chemicals through keeping up with periodic treatments either handled yourself or by a pool cleaning company. Your swimwear can be bleached and your skin and hair damaged if the chemicals are too strong. Not strong enough and your pool will be full of bacteria and algae. Maintaining the acid and chlorine levels in the water is paramount. Cloudy water is also tackled early on with a regular maintenance program. Often this could indicate a problem more serious, deteriorating pool finish, for instance. As your Provo pool company, we suggest finding a reliable company to maintain your pool properly.

A well constructed and maintained swimming pool has no equal. Crystal clear water will tempt anybody to dive into the pool. Hours of fun and entertainment await you and your family. It could be your opportunity to shape up. Installing a swimming pool is a major investment. Call the experts from Spa Doctor, a premier Provo pool company, to get the most advanced equipment and technology.


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